“I believe all of us can learn highly complex skills very very fast! I’m not talking months or years, most skills can be learned in days or weeks!” Florian Rooz

Florian Rooz is an entrepreneur and author from Amsterdam. He has started and co-owns over a dozen company’s in a wide area of business. In addition he also works as a creative adviser for a wide range of organizations. Over the last 10+ years he has explored many different aspects of the human learning ability, most notably by starting and growing an on-line music education platform which quickly grew to over 450.000 users.

How to learn anything 3 times faster, is the culmination of all his previous works into one, ultra powerful and widely accessible method of education (extreme learning).

12 minutes of Florian Rooz Lecturing on Extreme Learning at Ahoy Rotterdam

Florian teaching sailing and business at Smena Station Sri Lanka

Staring as Agamemnon in Elize Berends production “The blood of our children”

Florian interviewing and building Trumpets with Jazz legends Christian Scott and Teus Nobel

Hosting the famous Red Dress Jazz Sessions for two years in Amsterdam