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Extreme learning is changing personal education and business innovation! Unlock and harness the full potential of the human ability to understand, adapt and innovate!


In How to learn anything 3 times faster Florian Rooz reveals the principles and practices of Extreme Learning.  A new and radically different way of learning that harnesses the full potential of our natural (child like) ability to understand, adapt and innovate. Making it surprisingly easy to master, whatever it is you need or want to learn.

What is extreme learning?

Extreme learning is a skill or technique akin to speed reading or free diving.

Speed-reading is a well-defined technique which anybody can learn. It enables any person to read about twice as fast.

Free diving is a well-defined technique which allows anybody to increase their ability to remain under water and swim to great depths to quite astonishing results. With many current day practitioners able to remain under for up to 5 minutes or more and reach + remain at depths of over 20 meters without the aid of pressurized air.

Extreme learning is similar to these skills in the sense that it also increases an ability we all have naturally – our general ability to learn.  With the technique of Extreme Learning, any individual can increase the speed at which they learn and reach mastery in new skills at minimum by three-fold and sometimes much more.

Have you ever…

  • wished you could learn new skills much faster?
  • felt you didn’t get the most from your education?
  • feel like your kids are having trouble or may not be reaching their full potential in school?
  • dropped out of a study or course completely frustrated or disillusioned, even though you know you would have loved to complete it?
  • wondered why you seem to be great at learning stuff in general, but in school or any institutional education places you somehow suck at it?
  • feel so overwhelmed or demotivated by your experiences in schools so far, that you just try to avoid getting any new education altogether?
  • feel a lack of education is fundamentally holding you back in life?

With the tools of Extreme learning, you can leave all of these problems and frustrations behind you. You will prove to yourself quickly that you can learn, even very complicated new skills, quickly and successfully.

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How to learn anything 3 times faster audio book sample

Watch 12 minutes from the lecture (Dutch version)

Comments and reactions for
How to learn anything 3 times faster:

“A big relief to see I’m not the only one who thinks like this ;)” Laura Dekker (Youngest person to solo sail around the world)

“it was a real pleasure reading your book and seeing the structures behind some of my own educational challenges revealed!” Anastasia Klimova Kuimova (CoFounder of Smena Station)

“A book of transformatie ideas!” Martin Salinas

“Naar een workshop geweest van mr Rooz in Amsterdam. Was een heel inspirerende ontmoeting. De methodiek van ‘extreem leren’ heeft me helemaal gegrepen en ben nu druk bezig om een eerste nieuwe skill (zelf een website maken) te leren met deze techniek. Het is een heel toegankelijk geschreven boekje, je leest het echt in een dag of 2 uit. Het staat vol met sprekende voorbeelden en metaforen die de techniek eenvoudig te doorgronden maken. Ik vond het een genot om te lezen en ik heb dit boekje zeker nog de komende maanden in mijn tas zitten.” M. Monteyn

A unique vision…very inspiring!” Jerry Ryberg

“Great workshop with a lot of depth and practical methods to take home with you. Thanks Florian!” Vivian

“I have 3 and a half months to learn how to play a new instrument for school, march with the sax, and learn my marching music on both instruments. Challenge accepted” Tod Hurmax

“My parents always forced me into education and it completely eroded my passions. Now I have started self educating and I’m feeling empowered and making quick progress! Thank you for that. :)” Peter Lust

“This is just beautiful! God bless you” Enoch Kiran 

“I am so frustrated after reading this after spending a fortune on gadgets…. I was soooo the average student you describe… Not any more!” Gary Chiq

“On reading this I was like…What kind of mind thought of this?! Amazing!” Chuck Dysilva

“An encouraging and inspiring text on education” Blake Hardy

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What are you dreaming of learning?

– Master a new language,
– Acquire that degree you’ve been wanting,
– Succeed at playing that instrument,
– Give your kids the best chance at success in school and life
-Start that dream hobby.
– Dramatically increase your company’s rate of innovation and speed of implementation!
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