Lectures & workshops

One of the best ways to get acquainted with the principles and power of Extreme Learning, is through a lecture or workshop by Florian Rooz (founder of learn 3 times faster) at your company.

– Lectures can range from 1 to 4,5 hours depending on your wishes and available time.
– Workshops are 3,5 or 5 hours.

Content Licensing

Enterprise content licensing is a scalable and cost-effective way to provide access and learning for 1,000+ participants.

• Identify your business objectives and design a content program to meet your needs.

• Customize our content to work with your brand and culture.

• Receive content updates on the latest learning and industry research.

Train the Trainer

Mobilize internal trainers to introduce Extreme Learning to your organization.

• Share the Extreme learning methodology across your organization and create a community that extends the learning beyond the classroom.

• Empower employees to take ownership of The extreme learning ideas and principles. Seed a movement that ultimately belongs to the participants themselves, as facilitators and as learners.

• Partner with us to ensure content efficacy, continuous trainer support, and full access to our latest systems and updates.

Tools & Technology

We develop and integrate custom technology solutions and tools for our enterprise clients ranging from apps to content delivery platforms to diagnostic tools and dashboards.

Please reach out to us if you would like to learn more and participate in upcoming enterprise tech labs.