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ADVANCE: The Extreme Learning video course

Whenever we get stuck in life, whether it is in our careers or in our private lives, what we need to break out of this situation is… A NEW SKILL.

When you learn to do something new, you upgrade and change your life, you are adding new people, new places, new tools and new opportunities to explore. It’s the best way to enrich our daily experience.

In ADVANCE you will gain the cutting edge techniques and mindsets for becoming an Extreme Learner and you will apply this to quickly develop 3 major and transformative new skills in your life. You’ll be using the exact ways of thinking and learning that top businesses, champions and record breakers are using to push themselves to that next level.

There is so much of life to explore, yet so much of it is inaccessible to many of us because we simply lack the skill to participate. Take something as simple as swimming. If you have this skill it’s easy to see how many doors it opens, but if you can’t swim you are missing out on so much: pools, snorkeling, surfing, kitesurfing, wake boarding, scuba diving, water slides, etc. Even just a simple dip in the sea on the beach can be a dangerous endeavor… This one skill is the key to a multitude of great experiences over a lifetime.

But what about us? Which doors have we left unopened? Which parts of life are we leaving untouched and unexplored? What would you love to be able to do, yet you’re not doing it?

These are the doors ADVANCE will open for you!

You will discover how to progress quickly from an absolute beginner in anything, to a competent amateur or expert/master in record time. Expect to surprise yourself!

The structure of ADVANCE is simple and straight forward. We will:

  • teach you how to choose the best 3 skills to advance from whatever your current position is, into a brand new and improved you
  • teach you the principles and practice of Extreme Learning  and apply them to…
  • help you successfully ADVANCE your life by becoming a competent amateur or genuine expert in the three skills of your choice
  • once you have experienced learning in this new way, all the doors are open and you have the Extreme Learning skill to continue opening new doors for the rest of your life

ADVANCE course includes:

Prep pack (accessible directly on completing registration):

2 preparation video coaching sessions:

  • session 1: Let’s talk about 10 of the most impactful skills in the world
  • session 2: How to identify the 3 most impactful new skills for you

Main course:

  • 14+ main course video coaching sessions
  • exact step by step overview of the path from beginner to master in any skill
  • ongoing inspirational videos and interviews with practicing Extreme Learners
  • direct email and chat support throughout the course
  • access to the Extreme Learning online toolkit (including the e-book ‘How to learn anything 3 times faster’)

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As with all my programs, I’d like to offer you a way to try ADVANCE RISK FREE.

So go through all the lessons, read all the summaries, and do the exercises…

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