Home news Laura Dekker & Florian Rooz Team up for duo #ExtremeLearning show!

Laura Dekker & Florian Rooz Team up for duo #ExtremeLearning show!


We are delighted to report that Laura Dekker (Youngest person in history to solo circumnavigate the world by sailboat) is joining the team at Learn3timesfaster.com. We can’t give you all the details yet, but what we can reveal 😉 …Is that Florian and Laura will be duo-hosting Extreme-learning workshops and presentations in university’s and high schools throughout Europe starting in November 2018.

Laura brings an enormous amount of experience with #ExtremeLearning to our team. Her personal goals of educating kids around the world and showing the true potential of children, aligns perfectly with the mission of 3timesfaster and we couldn’t be happier to welcome on her on board!

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