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    How to learn anything 3 times faster – Day training Amsterdam

    November 8, 2019 all-day
    the E.L. Penthouse
    Hemonystraat 15III
    1074 BL Amsterdam
    How to learn anything 3 times faster - Day training Amsterdam @ the E.L. Penthouse | Amsterdam | Noord-Holland | Netherlands

    Take a deep-dive into the exciting new world of Extreme Learning (E.L.). During this full day training course author and coach Florian Rooz shows you exactly how extreme learning works and how you can start applying it in your daily life. And (if you want) this course is the foundation level to become an official Extreme Learning coach.

    During this intens day Florian shows you the history and foundations of each of the 12 principles of E.L. and how these greatly influence our personal development, and also the development of every organization around us. As part of the course you will start you own personal E.L. challenge (learning 1 new skill yourself through the application of the 12 principles) which you will complete in the days and weeks after the training, with support from our coaches. This way you will learn a brand new skill in record pace, proving to yourself in the most practical way, that you can develop your skills much faster then you’ve ever realized. Be it a: New language, music instrument, work related skill, hobby or things like social skills or singing. Let us surprise you with your results!

    – Max participants 6 per group
    – start 10:00 end 17:00
    – includes: Book, workbook, 1 year access to the EL recourses network
    – Give you the option to acquire an E.L. coaching license
    – for tickets mail to talks@learn3timesfaster.com or purchase directly here>>


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