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New amazing review by painter Valeria Rudchenko


Today a very nice review came out by Valeria Rudchenko which I gladly share with you:

“Whenever you’re stuck or life sucks – learn a new skill.” — this is a paraphrased quote from the book “How to learn anything 3 times faster.” by @florianrooz A tiny book of exceptional knowledge.

The author empowers his reader with extreme learning techniques in order to make any learning curve steep and more fun. I was pleased to learn how many of the suggested tools I’ve been using for years already, how many of them have just entered my life. But the most precious thing for me to learn was – where I suck, where I artificially hold myself back. It’s like having somebody telling you the obvious, the truth you knew but tried not to bring before your own eyes – kinda reality avoidance.
The advancing technologies, information and contemporary lifestyle constantly force us to learn something new every now and then. And the ability to learn fast is no more a luxury but mere necessity. The Extreme Learning Tools and Approaches suggested in the book will be of great help to literally anyone.

Don’t be deluded by the name of the book – it’s no magic pill or a quick fix. To learn anything takes guts and lots of persistence, though with the knowledge and strategies suggested – you’ll be way ahead of others learning new things effectively and with ease.

Read more about Valeria here: http://vr-artstudio.nl


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