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Extreme Learning in-company workshops and training gaining traction!


Over the last few weeks the business world has started to take notice of Extreme Learning and it’s corporate implications (3nnovation). Extreme learning doesn’t just apply to individuals. The method applies just as much to groups and organisations and changes how they develop and innovatie to meet the daily challenges of the market.

In addition to the theater tour, Florian has given the first series of corporate workshops and lectures at some very serious institutions and companies like the Tec-X incubator in Amsterdam, the OBA and even Tesla motors European HQ. He’s slated to appear as a guest speaker in Rotterdams Ahoy at the Kings Connect business event on the 20th of April. Speaking to 500+ entrepreneurs and business owners.

3nnovation is the process of applying the principles of Extreme Learning to business learning and innovation. Training teams to: experiment faster and move towards implementation of new ideas and methods in a faster yet safer way.

if you’d like to book and event or know more about extreme learning and 3nnovation for your business or organisation please contact Talks@learn3timesfaster.com or call + 31 (6) 407 85 739




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