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Join the FIRST Extreme Learning Master Accreditation course for coaches! 28th October – Amsterdam – Tickets now available!


We are happy to announce that: on the 28th of October, Learn3timesfaster will host the first Extreme Learning Master Accreditation course for coaching and consultancy professionals.

In this full-day program, hosted at Startdoc Amsterdam, Florian Rooz will be teaching an exclusive group of 8 coaches the in’s and out’s of coaching and teaching Extreme Leaning inside their own coaching or consultancy practice.

Now is your chance to gain this powerful new technique for self-development and business-innovation and put it to work in your own business through workshops and training, using the official 3xfaster famework, tools and network.

The course includes:

– Full day training course in Amsterdam
– 1 month of personal coaching (during your personal E.L. challenge)
– Full access to the 3xfaster framework coaching material library
– full year 3xfaster coaching license
– The book (Paperback)
– Course Work book

With an official accreditation you gain acces to our full range of materials + use of the official 3X framework, the book and the 3X teaching methodology in your own coaching or consulting practice. As an Extreme Learning Master you have a proven ability to utilize extreme Learning for yourself or as part of a team. And you will have access to the most up-to-date tools for teaching the skill of Extreme learning to others.

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